The name Le Pandorine is inspired by the Greek myth, “Pandora’s Box”, a symbol of female curiosity and common thread that binds all the collections.

Le Pandorine Company was founded by two Italians with great sense of style, Chiara and Manuela. Both with the passion and creativity, which distinguish them, give life into a series of bags. Source of inspiration is everyday life and every small but valuable detail.

From the heroes of fairy tales and sayings of grandmothers, who survived the passage of years, until the shining stars of the international jet set, words, images and slogans from the past and present, all seen through a feminine look.

The bags, all made by eco-leather or PVC, have become the object of worship of Italian. Bags in various colors and exciting designs. In each style dominates a true explosion of colors, clever slogans and plenty of humor.

MOTIVA FASHION distributes, exclusively in the Greek market, LE PANDORINE Bags & Accessories.

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